Nabi’s 1st Birthday Party at Seoul Liberty Bell Dog Cafe!

Hey humans and canines~ it’s Nabi here! So yesterday, my mom took me to the Seoul Liberty Bell Cafe again and there was a big birthday event. The cafe actually holds this special event once a month. A couple of weeks ago when my mom first took me to the cafe I heard her talking to theContinue reading “Nabi’s 1st Birthday Party at Seoul Liberty Bell Dog Cafe!”

Nabi’s 1st Birthday Cake Recipe~!

***Special Note- Hey everyone~! Normally, all of the posts under the “Nabi’s Corner” tab are written by Nabi herself. This time, however, I’m going to take over and type this one out myself. For organization’s sake, it’s under Nabi’s Corner. So, last Tuesday, June 23rd was Nabi’s 1st birthday. This pup has been through aContinue reading “Nabi’s 1st Birthday Cake Recipe~!”

Popo & Miru Dog Cafe

Hello~! Back on June 20th, we visited another dog cafe near our Airbnb. This cafe is located in Dunchon-dong (dong= neighborhood!), Gangdong District, Seoul. and is called Popo & Miru Dog Cafe. Like all the cafes we have visited so far, this cafe was very clean and the staff was friendly. I, unfortunately, I hadContinue reading “Popo & Miru Dog Cafe”

Seoul Olympic Park

Last Friday, June 19th, marked us having been here in Seoul for exactly one month! Granted our first 14 days here were spent on quarantine in one room, it is still hard to believe we have been here for one month already. Then again, when I look back at everything we have been through togetherContinue reading “Seoul Olympic Park”

Our Last Day Living in Gangnam! Let’s Visit Two More Gangnam Dog Cafes!

So today is Sunday, June 14th, and yesterday we moved again to a new Airbnb place. My mom said we will be here for 5 weeks while she tries to find us a more permanent apartment to rent. I think she said it’s called Gangdong? Anyways, on Friday, she decided to take a break fromContinue reading “Our Last Day Living in Gangnam! Let’s Visit Two More Gangnam Dog Cafes!”

How I Came to South Korea With My Human

***Disclaimer: Travel restrictions and guidelines for importing pets into any country are always subject to unexpected changes. If you are planning to travel from the United States of America to anywhere international with your pet, please please please take a look at the United States Department of Agriculture website well in advance of your trip!***Continue reading “How I Came to South Korea With My Human”

3rd Time’s Gonna Be A Charm!

Another Bumpy Road Courtesy of COVID-19… Flashback to December 2019, I had just accepted a contract and working visa sponsorship offer from an entertainment company in Seoul, South Korea. After just about 8 years, I would finally be able to begin a career as an international model, singer, dancer, actress, and entertainer. By the endContinue reading “3rd Time’s Gonna Be A Charm!”