I Love Iljasan Mountain~! (And Emma/Mom Does Too~!)

Hey everyone~! We have now gone to Iljasan Mountain for walks three times already! And each time, my mom said she wouldn’t take videos or photos. Of course, she has done just the opposite. So int this post I am going to show you guys a bit more of this wonderful puppy paradise for adventurousContinue reading “I Love Iljasan Mountain~! (And Emma/Mom Does Too~!)”

How I Came to South Korea With My Human

***Disclaimer: Travel restrictions and guidelines for importing pets into any country are always subject to unexpected changes. If you are planning to travel from the United States of America to anywhere international with your pet, please please please take a look at the United States Department of Agriculture website well in advance of your trip!***Continue reading “How I Came to South Korea With My Human”