Nabi’s Story

Humans say smiles are contagious….

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She brought me home in August 2019. She told me I am special. She told me we’d be a team. She told me I’m her butterfly and I’d help her find her own wings…

She says I’m going to fly?!

My mom, Emma is what the other humans call her, is kind of unique. Don’t get me wrong, she loves me and spoils me and treats me like her baby- well I am pretty cute. The thing is, my mom says she needs me as much as I need her. I know seems kinda ironic,r ight? She can get her own kibble and brush her own teeth; heck she’s got oposable thumbs! I’m the one who needs her to fill my food bowl. Well, my mom is kinda like me- a puppy. Yea, I know this is just getting weirder but don’t go after that squirrel just yet hear me out first. For instance, my mom gets distracted and overwhelmed by a bunch of thoughts going on in her mind; things get kinda crazy and dizzy kinda like when your chasing your own tail. My mom says I help distract her from distractions. In other words, when things in her head get reeeally wild and “traffic-jammy”, my amazingly cute super-powered self causes her mind to slow down cause she can’t help but focus on just one thing. Me!

So, how do I do it? Well, I have many tricks up my sleeve. Crawling into her lap, cuddling up, and listening to her heart slow and become steady is nice for both of us. Another way I treat my mom is by using my MVP slapstick skills. Some of the tricks in my slapstick skill set include taking a flying leap and juuust missing a couch or other piece of furniture, “accidentally” leaning too far and lazily rolling of the bed, couch, etc. (I can even do slow motion), walking into a wall or tripping over some random object while looking back at my lovely mommy (hey who knows when a human’s gonna be a softy and sneak ya somethin’ good, right?), ooh then there’s the gram slam move- sticking my face into my prized Tuffy No Stuff red Frisbee toy (see the footage of one of my performances below and try not to giggle…I dare ya). But these aren’t all, I’m developing new acts almost every day. I make her laugh and smile daily; I’m a pro. Sometimes, I make her cry happy tears and dry away her sad ones; I’m a magician too.

But my mom’s first dog was Maggy.

My mom says there once was another dog named, Maggy. She was very old and passed over the rainbow bridge and became an angel in 2015. My mom says that after Maggy went away things started to get a bit darker, lonelier, and scarier. She calls Maggy her “heart dog” cause that dog took up a piece of her heart and still has it. She says that she and Maggy were a team, and now we are one too. Sometimes my mom forgets, and she calls me “Maggy”. She says sometimes she feels like she is holding Maggy and looking at Maggy when she is holding and looking at me. But I don’t mind. I think I’d like to be a heart-dog too.

After all I’m already a canine, flying butterfly with unbeatable therapeutic and entertaining skills. I’m pretty cool, right?

Real quick background to how I got my special name. My mom reeeally likes butterflies. There’s a lot of reasons. They are pretty fun too chase (oh wait that’s my reason..sorry). To put it briefly, she says they are colorful and symbolic of both transformation, freedom, coming out of a dark place and beginning new, and of spirits of loved ones. (Phew, she really taught me some fancy lingo, eh?) It just so happens, Nabi means “butterfly” in Korean. My mom is a total language geek- I mean she wants to and tries to learn like twenty languages at once I think. Anyways~ she knows Korean pretty well and says it’s a beautiful and musical language in her opinion. So, since I am beautiful and I can be pretty musical in my own canine way, my name is the korean word for butterfly- Nabi. [Nah-bee ^_-]

Oh! remember how I said I was told I’d be flying some day?

I Actually just started my first big adventure with my mom. I sat with her inside of a bird! At least I think it was a bird because it had wings and it was flying. It’s called an Airplane Bird or something like that. And Lemme tell you that bird was huuge! I’d like to see how many new toys I could fit in that thing; I’d be set for a month- nah maybe just a week or two. A yorkie’s gotta have some variety in her life, ya know what I’m sayin’? (But that doesn’t mean you can take away the old ones..they’re still my too..all of them. All mine.) Anyways, it’s May 2020, we flew inside the bird, and now my mom says we are in another country. But so far it all looks the same to me cause we’re staying inside for a couple of weeks cause we haveta do this thing called self-isolation or is it quarantine? Apparently, we were kinda already doing it back in the US (no wonder those humans were stalking us at the house all day) but in this place it’s a whole different bag of Beggin’ Strips. Head on over to my mom’s posts about our arrival in this place called Korea, the quarantine protocol, and more. Or get cozy in my corner with me and check my post on all the tricks my mom had to do to get me on the bird and here in Korea with her.

Or first, just stay right here and get a load of my cuteness~

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