Our Quarantine is Officially Complete!

On June 3rd at 12 o’clock midnight, our 14 day mandatory covid-19 quarantine here in Gangnam district, Seoul was officially over. I had, however, just one more responsibility as a global citizen. This responsibility and also mandatory act was to go back to the Gangnam Public Health Center to get another nose and throat swabbingContinue reading “Our Quarantine is Officially Complete!”

The Adventure Begins~

***This post will cover our traveling to South Korea, arriving, and the current COVID-19 quarantine protocol. Not gonna let a little global pandemic or quarantine protocol get in the way of finally starting our new chapter, are we? Nope! In this post, I’ll talk a bit (or maybe a lot) about our trek from JFKContinue reading “The Adventure Begins~”

3rd Time’s Gonna Be A Charm!

Another Bumpy Road Courtesy of COVID-19… Flashback to December 2019, I had just accepted a contract and working visa sponsorship offer from an entertainment company in Seoul, South Korea. After just about 8 years, I would finally be able to begin a career as an international model, singer, dancer, actress, and entertainer. By the endContinue reading “3rd Time’s Gonna Be A Charm!”