Dog Bay 838! (Seoul Location)

Wow. So… my apologies. It has been a really long time since my last post. Things have been a bit busy during the past month with getting settled at our new home (at least for the next year) here in Gangdong District, Seoul. I finally got Nabi out to check out a new place thisContinue reading “Dog Bay 838! (Seoul Location)”

Forest Dining at Sweet Salt Cafe~!

 On Saturday, July 4th (America’s Birthday~!) Nabi and I went to Sweet Salt Cafe in Myeongil Neighborhood with our friends Yeon and Kong. Myeongil Neighborhood is also in Gangdong District so it is nearby our current Airbnb and our future officetel! (We are moving next weekend~! Stay tuned~!) We will definitely be visiting this cafe frequently asContinue reading “Forest Dining at Sweet Salt Cafe~!”

Seoul Olympic Park

Last Friday, June 19th, marked us having been here in Seoul for exactly one month! Granted our first 14 days here were spent on quarantine in one room, it is still hard to believe we have been here for one month already. Then again, when I look back at everything we have been through togetherContinue reading “Seoul Olympic Park”

Cheonho Lake Park!

On Saturday, Nabi and I moved about 30 minutes east to our second Airbnb location. We are currently staying in Gangdong District Seoul and will be here for about five weeks while I try to find us a more permanent apartment suitable for my baby. Language note! In Korean, “gang” means river, “dong” means east,Continue reading “Cheonho Lake Park!”

A Morning Stroll Through Dosan Neighborhood Park

On Tuesday, June 9th, the weather forecast was predicting quite a hot day at 93 degrees Fahrenheit. So, we set out a bit earlier around 9 am towards Dosan Neighborhood Park located in Sinsa Neighborhood in the Gangnam district of Seoul. It was a fairly simple bus ride taking us only about 25 minutes, soContinue reading “A Morning Stroll Through Dosan Neighborhood Park”

Wolmi Island Theme Park & Chinatown Incheon~!

On Sunday, June 7th, Nabi and I went along with another amazing friend of mine (who has been a huge help and like a big brother to me) to a couple of fun spots in Incheon! Jin Haeng also brought along his fur-sister, Mango! We went to Wolmi Island Theme Park and Incheon’s Chinatown. ***LanguageContinue reading “Wolmi Island Theme Park & Chinatown Incheon~!”

Let’s Meet a Friend at Gwanggyo Lake Park~!

On Friday, June 5th, Nabi and I met a friend whom I initially met on an international pen pal app called “HelloTalk”. It is a great app! If you are looking to make friends with people around the world while learning and practicing languages, I highly recommend it. Anywho, I initially met this friend backContinue reading “Let’s Meet a Friend at Gwanggyo Lake Park~!”

Our Quarantine is Officially Complete!

On June 3rd at 12 o’clock midnight, our 14 day mandatory covid-19 quarantine here in Gangnam district, Seoul was officially over. I had, however, just one more responsibility as a global citizen. This responsibility and also mandatory act was to go back to the Gangnam Public Health Center to get another nose and throat swabbingContinue reading “Our Quarantine is Officially Complete!”

The Adventure Begins~

***This post will cover our traveling to South Korea, arriving, and the current COVID-19 quarantine protocol. Not gonna let a little global pandemic or quarantine protocol get in the way of finally starting our new chapter, are we? Nope! In this post, I’ll talk a bit (or maybe a lot) about our trek from JFKContinue reading “The Adventure Begins~”