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*Fall Down 7 Times, Get up 8*

Hey there! My name is Emma-Lee, but you can call me Emma. I’m an American, born and raised in New Jersey. Back home I would be known as your typical “Jersey Girl”. I’m curious, open-minded, and have a child-like spirit overflowing with ambitions, goals, and dreams. Okiedokie; so my short story is, after graduating from Rutgers University (The State University of New Jersey, USA) in 2017 I stumbled and fell into a cycle of giving up early on opportunities and giving in to diagnosed adult ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder), and Executive Lobe Dysfunction. I have known for some time now that I have a battle to fight to be able to pursue the life I want to live (The way my brain works often contradicts the desires of my spirit and soul). Yet, it has taken me almost 3 years to realize that no one can fight and win this battle for me. The battle is on to overcome my diagnoses’ negative symptoms and to discover and take confidence in the positive ones. Those years have taught me that I WILL co-exist and overcome my ADHD and ELD symptoms to discover and have confidence in enjoying the world around me. I’m determined to live a fulfilled life- my way. This brings me to Seoul, The Republic of Korea in the spring of 2020 where I have jumped out of my cocoon again and am finally past the starting point of pursuing my dream. In this battle, I won’t be retreating back into my cocoon. This time, I have a furry canine sidekick, Nabi, with me to share in my adventures. I hope you’ll follow along with Nabi and me as we travel, live, love, learn and transform while living this butterfly life.

(Lesson~! Nabi 나비 [Nah-bee] = “Butterfly” in Korean! See what I did there? ^_-)

***QUICK NOTE ABOUT THE SITE~~~ There are 2 blogs. “Jersey Girl’s Blog” is written by myself, Emma. “Nabi’s Corner” is written from Nabi’s perspective! ^_^

“I’ve always loved butterflies, because they remind us that it is never too late to transform ourselves”

-Drew Barrymore

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