Dog Bay 838! (Seoul Location)

Wow. So… my apologies. It has been a really long time since my last post. Things have been a bit busy during the past month with getting settled at our new home (at least for the next year) here in Gangdong District, Seoul. I finally got Nabi out to check out a new place this past Tuesday. Special thanks to our new friends, Yeon and her furry companion Kong for letting us know about this amazing place!

Seoul just continues to be full of surprises. Dog Bay 838 is an outdoor swimming pool park for dogs and their human companions. There are actually 3 locations in South Korea, but we of course visited the Seoul location. It took us just about 30-35 minutes by subway to get there! There were 4 pools all with differing depths and the park was separated with dogs 7kg and up on one side and 7kg and lower on the other. The park also features changing and bathing areas for both humans and dogs. There are also canine drying stations set up right next to the dog bathing stations. The park also has a dangerously appetizing food and drink menu, as well as, a convenience store-like section where you can buy snacks and lighter foods and bottled beverages. As she enjoyed swimming in a river back in Jersey, Nabi had some prior experience in swimming. Yet, I was still a bit concerned she might be a bit unsure at first. So, I rented a life-jacket for her just to be safe. I also borrowed a squeaky ball for her free of charge. I declined the offer to rent a swimming tube as I figured my spazzy butterfly would not enjoy it very much. ^^;; We spent a good three and a half hours here. At first, Nabi took some time to warm up to the water and remember how to swim! But after about 20 minutes of awkward-turtle splishing and splashing, she finally found her doggy paddle skills. And for the rest of the time after that, she was non-stop diving and fetching her squeaky ball. (No Joke. She was non-stop. I’m quite sure everyone there was like- “Seriously, where’s the off switch on that thing?!”) Anywho~ please enjoy the plethora of video clips and photos below. You’ll notice Nabi is still pretty wet on our walk back to the subway…she was scared of the hair dryers. Luckily she has a very quick drying Yorkie coat! If you are ever in Seoul with your pooch on a hot summer day, I definitely recommend Dog Bay 838’s Seoul location. 🙂

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