Forest Dining at Sweet Salt Cafe~!

 On Saturday, July 4th (America’s Birthday~!) Nabi and I went to Sweet Salt Cafe in Myeongil Neighborhood with our friends Yeon and Kong. Myeongil Neighborhood is also in Gangdong District so it is nearby our current Airbnb and our future officetel! (We are moving next weekend~! Stay tuned~!) We will definitely be visiting this cafe frequently as I absolutely loved the calming atmosphere and nature-ness of this cafe. There are two stories for indoor seating, as well as, an outdoor patio with seating and some picnic tables dispersed randomly in the area of the forest owned by the cafe. Dogs are welcomed to enjoy the outside patio and forest spaces. The cafe has an amazing bakery selection and a brunch menu as well which includes burgers, salads, pasta, and even eggs benedict. Of course, they also offer a good selection of cafe style espresso, coffee, and non-coffee drinks. We tried 3 different bakery items: a cheesy, pumpkin bread which I think had some sort of poppy seed-like seeds in, a cheesy garlic bread, and a chocolate Nutella and banana croissant. (Much to my pleasure Nutella has become much more popular here!) For drinks, Yeon tried the rooibos milk tea and I of course tried an iced matcha latte. Everything tasted amazing. Next time, I definitely plan to go for their brunch menu! Nabi enjoyed relaxing (for most of the time) on the bench at our patio table. Apparently what happened at Gwanggyo Lake Park didn’t scare her one bit. Each time a bird would hop out of the forest and onto the patio, she went into full-on hunting mode and made quite a fuss. (Oops~!) Out on the patio they also had lights strung up and timed misting machines to cool everyone off. I’ve made special note of the misting machines for my future dog cafe/animal shelter venture idea. 😀 Overall, this cafe is now on the top of my list! Check out Sweet Salt Cafe’s Instagram page here! The next day, Sunday, Nabi and I checked out a rooftop dog cafe called Cafe Agility. Nabi really had fun there, so I’ll let her tell you about that place later in “Nabi’s Corner”. Stay safe and stay well everybody! And please wear a mask; just do it! 😛

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