I Love Iljasan Mountain~! (And Emma/Mom Does Too~!)

Hey everyone~! We have now gone to Iljasan Mountain for walks three times already! And each time, my mom said she wouldn’t take videos or photos. Of course, she has done just the opposite. So int this post I am going to show you guys a bit more of this wonderful puppy paradise for adventurous doggos like myself. In our first post about Iljasan Mountain (go see my 1st birthday story if you haven’t already) we explored kinda the middle section of the mountain. Ya see, similarily to Seoul Olympic Park, Iljasan Mountain Park is a huge area that is actually split up into a bunch of sections which all have different names. For example, some areas are more for hiking; others are more for gardening and agriculture enthusiasts, campers; another area looks more like an urban park, etc. Check out this link!

Alright, so the photos and video clips below are all of an area that is more on the left side of the mountain. We went there once just the two of us and then we went there again a couple of days ago with our friends, Yeon and Kong for a commercial filming assignment.

The following photos below show an area of the right side. Mom doesn’t have any clips to show of that area, but it is very similar to the section we explored on my birthday. As you’ll see here too is more of a hiking section. We actually even ended up leaving Seoul and walking into the neighboring city, Hanam! Mom tends to wander mindlessly sometimes. Oops!

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