Popo & Miru Dog Cafe

Hello~! Back on June 20th, we visited another dog cafe near our Airbnb. This cafe is located in Dunchon-dong (dong= neighborhood!), Gangdong District, Seoul. and is called Popo & Miru Dog Cafe. Like all the cafes we have visited so far, this cafe was very clean and the staff was friendly. I, unfortunately, I had quite a rough time at this cafe. There were many big dogs here and the floor space was a bit smaller than the other cafes we have been too. So, I guess I got a bit overwhelmed and was quite frightened most of the time. But, I still got brave enough to venture out on my own a bit.

There were plenty of drink and food options here including pizza! As you’ll see in the photos below, if you order a food item here, you will be seated inside a playpen type thing. I thought, hehe this time the humans get stuck in the playpen. Yeah, I thought this was hilarious at first, but then I realized that this contraption (big word, eh? hehe) was put in place so that us doggos can’t get any pizza, etc.. 😦 Oh well, mom says it’s for our good so I guess I should believe her. Mom likes this idea so much that she is going to keep it in mind for her plan of opening a dog cafe/shelter in the future. ^_-. 

Next up, my mom is going to finally type up the recipe she used to make my birthday cake last week. After that, I’ll hop back on the computer and tell you all about my 1st Birthday Take Two! That’s right! We celebrated my 1st birthday a second time! Stay tuned~!

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