Nabi’s 1st Birthday Cake Recipe~!

***Special Note- Hey everyone~! Normally, all of the posts under the “Nabi’s Corner” tab are written by Nabi herself. This time, however, I’m going to take over and type this one out myself. For organization’s sake, it’s under Nabi’s Corner.

So, last Tuesday, June 23rd was Nabi’s 1st birthday. This pup has been through a lot with me already and I’ve thrown a lot at her. She went from growing up in a suburban/rural area of New Jersey. One moment she had the ability to go to the back door and run around free (in a spacious, fenced-in backyard of course) to her heart’s content. Then suddenly after 14 hours of being locked up in a flying machine, followed by 2 weeks of not being allowed to leave one 320 square foot room, she is a city dog. She is actually, to my relief, doing so much better here than I had ever imagined. Sometimes it seems she is adapting to this new lifestyle quicker than I am! Anywho, she deserves so much. So, I got some ideas from a handful of dog-safe birthday cake recipes and created this. Oh, and to be honest, I didn’t exactly use any measuring tools; just kinda went with my feeling. So, this recipe is free to change and play with as you please! Enjoy~! (Hehe I feel like I am bad in grade school when they would tell us to write an essay about how to make a PB&J sandwich.)

First, I took about a cup of Nabi’s dry kibble and crushed in up. Using a rolling pin for this would probably be best. Unfortunately, I did not have one here at our current Airbnb so I used the bottom of a thick glass drinking cup. After the kibble was well-grounded, I mixed in one boiled sweet potato. Remove the potato peel first! Sweet potatoes are really one of the various superfoods for dogs. If you haven’t tried feeding your pup a sweet potato yet, I highly recommend it! They are low in fat and packed with fiber and antioxidants so they can aid in regulating the digestive system and lowering the risk of certain cancers. They also have beta carotene, vitamin A, Vitamin C, Vitamin B5, and more! (more or less depending on which specific type of sweet potato you choose.) Take a moment to check out the information posted here about sweet potatoes health benefits for dogs. 

Next, I added in about a third of a banana along with about a tablespoon of an all-natural pumpkin and chicken porridge Nabi really likes. After mixing those in, I added a hefty tablespoon of peanut butter. Now dogs love peanut butter and that’s great because this popular spread can have awesome health benefits for your doggo. I say it can have awesome health benefits because, unfortunately, if the wrong peanut butter is given to your dog it can actually cause some short term and long term damage to there health. First of all, the majority of peanut butter out there are packed with not only natural sugars but more importantly high fructose corn syrup. These ingredients not only raise the risk of obesity and diabetes in humans but does the same for dogs too. On an even more serious level, many peanut butter have an added ingredient called Xylitol. This is an artificial sweetener which is extremely toxic and has even been deadly when consumed by dogs. When at the grocery store, please check the ingredients on your peanut butter! The best peanut butter is an all-natural one listing only peanuts and peanut oil as the ingredients. If that is not an option at your store, added salt and all NATURAL cane sugar is okay, however, this means that you should only be feeding a tiny bit to your dog very very occasionally. Canine diabetes and pancreatitis are not easy to treat and manage for you nor for your dog, so please be careful with how much fat and sugar your pup is consuming on a regular basis- especially if your doggo is on the smaller side! As long as your peanut butter if xylitol and artifical sweetener-free, it can be a good source of healthy fats, protein, vitamins B and E, and niacin. But remember to give in moderation!!! Have a talk with your dog’s veterinarian for professional guidance and dietary information!

So after mixing that all up, I molded the “dough” into a heart shape and stuck it in the refrigerator to harden a bit. Now, onto the frosting.

For the frosting, I used corn starch as the thickener. Honestly, I would have rather used rice flour but ironically could not find it at the Emart? I’m terrible at finding things really- regardless of what language I am trying to search in. 😛 Anywho, I put about a 3/4 cup into a bowl and added Nabi’s newest found love- pet milk. Seriously, Nabi is hooked on this stuff. I didn’t realize this while studying here back in 2016 but serving your pooch lactose free, nutrient and vitamin-enriched pet milk seems to be a popular thing here. Every supermarket and pet store I’ve gone to sells at least one brand of pet milk. If you read Nabi’s post about Gangnam’s Cafe Cappucino, you would have seen when Nabi first tasted and fell in love with this special treat. After adding in the pet milk I also mixed in about a tsp or two of honey.

After everything was well mixed together, I popped the bowl of icing into the fridge. I checked the frosting a little while later and it was still quite runny so I tried leaving it in the fridge longer. Unfortunately, even after adding a tiny bit more corn starch and putting the frosting back into the fridge for a good while, the frosting never totally hardened. After deciding this is how it was gonna be, I generously poured the concoction all over the cake and popped it back into the refrigerator until celebration time. Check out the final product below! If you have any experience creating birthday cakes or any special treats for your pups please leave a comment! I’d love to learn from you!

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