Nabi’s 1st Birthday Party at Seoul Liberty Bell Dog Cafe!

Hey humans and canines~ it’s Nabi here! So yesterday, my mom took me to the Seoul Liberty Bell Cafe again and there was a big birthday event. The cafe actually holds this special event once a month. A couple of weeks ago when my mom first took me to the cafe I heard her talking to the staff about me. I remember one of the staff members told her about a party- turns out it was about this one. Besides me, there were two other fellow doggos there whose birthdays are also in June! So the three of us pampered pups each got a turn sitting in the center of attention (and dog-friendly goodies) for a photoshoot. On our way out, the staff handed my mom a white bag. When we got back to the Airbnb, she started taking out tons of treats and even a piece of the birthday cake I saw earlier! It was like a Santa Paws’ magic bag on Christmas Day~! I have soo many treats now and lots of birthday cake to eat~yay~! And my mom is happy because the cafe staff member sent her a ton of photos from my photoshoot and she was also given 3 photos straight from a polaroid camera. It was a happy time for the two of us. Now let me get back to chewing this chicken jerky! 

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