It’s My (Nabi’s) 1st Birthday~! Walking at Iljasan Mountain, Dog Cafe, and Pet Store Shopping Yay~!

Hello everyone~! I’m Nabi, an adorable Yorkshire Terrier living in Seoul with my crazy mom. Today is my 1st birthday! I can’t believe I’m gonna be eating big dog food now- no more puppy food. Wow, the year flew by faster than my favorite frisbee. Today my mom spoiled me rotten again; but hey I totally deserved it, right? First, we woke up a bit earlier than usual and rode one of those big cars called a bus to Iljasan mountain for a refreshing walk. The bus ride was really short and the mountain was sooo cool! Walking on the dirt, jumping over big sticks stuck in the ground, and sniffing all the green stuff made me feel like a dog again! We also climbed so many stairs- I love stairs! We only walked for a bit more than an hour and mom said we had to get going. It got very hot all of a sudden, and she really worries about me when it’s hot.

We stopped back at the Airbnb place for some quick snacks then we went back outside again! We walked to the Seoul Liberty Bell Cafe to meet our new friends again. Kong got a haircut- he looks so handsome hehe! After my mom bought me a cool rope ball toy at the cafe we walked a few stores down to the big pet shop again. PolyPark! I love that place! My mom got me my first bag of adult dog food, a chic sleeveless t-shirt, a new food bowl, another toy, and some cool things to mix into my kibble cause I’ve been kinda unusually picky lately…oops. AND! My mom mentioned to the employees that it was my birthday. They gave me a bunch of free snacks~! Check out the goodies and me modeling my cool new shirt below~.

When we got back to the Airbnb, my mom gave me all my new toys! 5 toys! Turns out she stopped at another store on the way back from practicing at her company last week and got me 3 new toys there. Yup. I’ve officially got her wrapped around my paw. 😀 Of course, my mom filmed more clips of me modeling my new shirt and playing with my new toys. (plus more photos).

Later on, my mom took something out of the cold box thing where she keeps all the yummy human food. She stuck a stick in it and then lit in on fire. Humans. They just get weirder and weirder, don’t they? She then sang to me and blew out the fire-thank goodness yeesh (with her clumsiness she is liable to set the place on fire!). Then I got to eat this delicious thing she called a cake! I knew she was working on something yesterday but I was too busy getting some beauty sleep that I didn’t have time to investigate. I think she is planning on sharing the recipe soon!

This has been such a great 1st birthday! My mom and I can’t wait to see how we will celebrate the next one!

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