Seoul Olympic Park

Last Friday, June 19th, marked us having been here in Seoul for exactly one month! Granted our first 14 days here were spent on quarantine in one room, it is still hard to believe we have been here for one month already. Then again, when I look back at everything we have been through together thus far, it sometimes feels like we have been here longer. 😀 As you may have heard from Nabi in her post about Seoul Liberty Bell Dog Cafe, on Wednesday we made our third human friend and second canine friend here in South Korea! These friends, Yeon and Kong [Koh-ng], live nearby in Gangdong district too!

On Friday, we met our new friends at the bus stop and rode over to Seoul Olympic Park located in the neighboring Songpa district. The bus ride took only about 15 minutes. We sat and ate yummy scones with strawberry jam that Yeon brought with her, and then enjoyed a very refreshing walk and fun moments with our new friends. Check out our cute photos below! Kong and Nabi seem to get along well!

On Sunday, I suddenly made a last minute decision to take Nabi back to Seoul Olympic Park to explore a bit more together. We walked briskly for a good 2 hours (stopping for water occasional water breaks) and still only covered maybe half the park. By 1 pm though, the temperature reached about 90 degrees. I was worried that Nabi might overheat, so we left around that time. According to the ginormous park map, there is a musical fountain and waterfall at this park as well but we explored pretty much the opposite half of the park. There is just too much to see here in one day it seems. As you’ll notice in the map below, there are 4 zones: The Olympic Zone (blue numbers), The Historical Zone (orange numbers), The Nature Zone (green numbers), and The Cultural Zone (yellow numbers). We have only explored mostly the northern portion of the Historical Zone and then most of the Nature Zone. Next time, we will probably try to get off at a stop that is on the other side over by the Cultural and Olympic Zones!

Check out the many photos and video clips from our second stroll through Seoul Olympic Park below! Oh and quick note! You may have already guessed it, but this park is where the 1988 Seoul Summer Olympics were held. The facilities, including the Olympic size swimming pool, are still accessible! There a few historical museums to visit too. Read about all of the facilities and attractions here.

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