Seoul Liberty Bell Dog Cafe~!

Hey everyone~! It’s been a little while since my mom (Emma) and I have posted anything. Sorry! We have been busy loving our new airbnb’s location here in Gangdong-gu, Seoul! There are so many dog-friendly places in this area including parks, at least five nearby dog cafes, several pet supply stores, and a ton of animal hospitals too. My mom said the commute to her entertainment company from here is about 45 minutes to an hour pending the time of day, but she really loves the dog-friendly feel and vibe of the district (and the surrounding districts are quite dog-friendly too). So, she is currently searching for a more permanent place for us to stay here in the “East of The River” district (Gangdong-gu).

Last Wednesday, we went to our first Gangdong district dog cafe. We walked for about 8 Last Wednesday, we went to our first Gangdong district dog cafe. We walked for about 8 minutes and went into a building that said it was Seoul Animal Medical Center. I thought, geez mom I’m feeling fine! and I’m not due to get poked by any of those pointy things yet! Thank peanut butter we did not enter the hospital. Instead, we walked into one of those new box things that fly up and down. There were lots of doggy smells and I started to get excited because that’s when I knew what kinda place we were heading to. I figured it must be one of those places where mom sits and drinks something while telling me to go and make friends. A dog cafe. We stood in the box and it flew up to the second floor and we saw the sign for Seoul Liberty Bell Dog Cafe. We entered the cafe and, like the past times, I was a bit overwhelmed at first especially since there were a couple of bigger friends trying to all say hi at the same time. Here too, the staff was super kind and patient with me; they took some of the larger dogs out for a walk while I got comfortable. After maybe 20 minutes, I was already running around on my own and greeting both dogs and humans! The employees brought out tennis balls and toys, and I had so much fun playing with them. They threw the balls for me and seemed so happy to play with me and my mom. I even got brave and tried playing a bit with one of the big dogs! 

The most important thing to mention about this cafe visit was that my mom and I made some friends! Especially, we met Yeon and her super friendly, fluffy canine son. His name is Kong (means Bean in Korean) and he is 8 months old; just a few months younger than me. My mom and Yeon exchanged Kakaotalk ID’s and we met again a couple of days later! Stay tuned for my mom’s post about Seoul Olympic Park!

Overall, I think this is my favorite dog cafe so far. My mom said she thinks the same way too. She likes that the first floor has a popular and highly rated animal hospital (Seoul Animal Medical Center). She is planning on taking me there in Autumn when I am due for some doctor things (oh boy…) My mom is also planning on me getting my next haircut at the cafe in a couple of months. Yup! Like many other dog cafes, Seoul Liberty Bell also has grooming, hotel, mini supply store, and training services. My mom says she also loved the atmosphere. The music played was mostly Korean indie- very laid-back, smooth, sweet, and chill vibes- they have a pretty good selection of refreshments. Most importantly, the employees here were great! They asked my mom a bunch of questions about me and I think mom signed me up for some event that is happening at the Cafe next week. I wonder what that’s about (coming soon to Nabi’s Corner~! ^_-). Below are some clips my mom filmed during our visit to the cafe. She also filmed us walked around the cafe’s neighborhood (Dunchon-dong) and a big, cool pet supply store called PolyPark that was just a few stores away from the cafe! The owner there was super nice too! She gave me free sausages~ yummy!

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