Cheonho Lake Park!

On Saturday, Nabi and I moved about 30 minutes east to our second Airbnb location. We are currently staying in Gangdong District Seoul and will be here for about five weeks while I try to find us a more permanent apartment suitable for my baby. Language note! In Korean, “gang” means river, “dong” means east, and “nam” means south. So initially, we stayed at an Airbnb stayed in Gangnam (river south) which is on the south side of the Han River. Now, we are staying in Gangdong (river east) which is still on the south side of the river but to the east. The Han River is a major waterway that flows from west to east straight through the center of Seoul.

Yesterday, Sunday, we rode the bus for about 20 minutes to Cheonho Lake Park. We enjoyed a very refreshing walk- the weather and the atmosphere was perfect. I am noticing a trend at parks with lakes and fountains that often music is played and the fountains are programmed to synchronize with the music. This park followed that same trend and it was relaxing to sit and listen to the music while watching the water in the fountains dance. We walked 2 loops around the main outer track and 1 loop throughout the inside of the park. Somewhere along the way, Nabi lost her pink bandanna! If anyone sees it, let us know! 😦 Unfortunately, I was too busy looking around that I didn’t notice it fall off.

Anywho~ enjoy some of the sites and sounds of Cheonho Lake Park below! Quick note: So, I somehow totally forgot to mention in the post about our visit to Gwanggyo Lake Park that Nabi kinda got attacked by some type of humming-bird like creature! It came out of nowhere while my friend and I were talking and flew straight at her multiple times- maybe Nabi looked at it the wrong way or something. You’ll notice in the clips below, Nabi found a bush full of chirping birds at the Cheonho Lake Park. Luckily, we did not have any trouble. This time, all was peaceful. 😀

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