Our Last Day Living in Gangnam! Let’s Visit Two More Gangnam Dog Cafes!

So today is Sunday, June 14th, and yesterday we moved again to a new Airbnb place. My mom said we will be here for 5 weeks while she tries to find us a more permanent apartment to rent. I think she said it’s called Gangdong? Anyways, on Friday, she decided to take a break from packing…again. We went for some more “socialization” as she calls it. Okay, so I may get a bit overwhelmed when I first meet a bunch of other pooches all at once, and I may get a bit jealous. I just love my momma and I’m small! Well, my mom says I need to stop that behavior and get out and get playing with other dogs and exercising and stuff. I guess I agree. Back in the USA, I played all the time with my two uncles and one aunt; they were my housemates who practically raised me and showed me the way of the dog. I am lonely sometimes and long to play with other doggos, but I’m kinda shy too. My mom says we are going to keep going to these places and that I am going to improve. Okay, I’ll try.

The first cafe we went to was Dog Cafe Bulldozer located about 20 minutes away by subway. Unlike Bong Brother’s Cafe, this cafe allows dogs over 10 kg so there were some bigger fellas there. Maybe that’s why I had a harder time at this place, but the staff at Bulldozer was also kind and patient with me. I didn’t play at all with the other dogs (only with the humans!) but, after we stayed there for about 2 hours, I felt comfortable enough to walk around. Here are some photos my mom took at the place.

The second cafe we went to was Da Dog In The City. This place was only 6 minutes walking distance from our Airbnb! So close! My mom liked the atmosphere of this place and she especially liked that there was a little fenced in the front yard with grass where I could explore off-leash. Unlike many dog cafes, this cafe does not offer doggy daycare. So, when we arrived, only the owner’s Boston Terrier was walking around. My mom sat and ate her sweet potato cake and iced sweet potato latte while I explored inside comfortably. While exploring, more cafe customers arrived with their dogs and I did much better this time! Of course, I met and played with all the humans here too, but I also played with a really small canine friend! After playing inside for a while, we headed out to the front yard which had a pool, but it wasn’t open at the time. I would have loved to swim in it! After a little while, my mom decided she better get back to packing so we walked back to Airbnb. where I chowed down on a late lunch. Check out the photos and clips from our visit to Da Dog In The City Cafe below!

So, as I said before, we are now staying in a place called Gangdong. Mom is super excited about this district because she says there are at least 4 dog cafes here and one also close by another district called Songpa. Oh, and there are tons of nearby parks here too! She plans to take me every place, but she says work is going to get busier soon so I will need to be patient. I’ll try my best (especially if there are belly rubs and toys as rewards)! Here’s a compilation of clips from Friday~

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