I Made a Canine Friend at Bong Brothers Dog Cafe in Gangnam, Seoul!

Yesterday June 10th, my human mom (Emma) told me we’re going to make some dog friends and play at a place called a dog cafe? I was a bit confused. Now that I’m a traveling pup walking around the streets of Seoul, I have seen plenty of these “cafe” places everywhere. However, I have never seen a human with their dog in one of those- I figured we weren’t allowed in any cafes. But! Luckily~ I was so wrong!

We headed out the door and on our way towards one of the dog cafes located here in Gangnam, Seoul. The name of this cafe is Bong Brothers Cafe. Besides being a cafe where dogs under 10 kg (about 20 pounds) can enjoy the laid back cafe atmosphere with their humans, it is also a canine hotel, daycare, beauty salon, mini supply store, and they offer training classes too! This is quite a puppy paradise~! Oh and, if you don’t have a pooch with you in Korea, no worries~! One of the great things about there being all these dog cafes in Seoul is that you can hang out, pet, and play with all of the dogs at the cafe and quickly get a needed dose of doggy happiness. Oh, yea-I know you humans need us. 😛

Okiedokie, so we walked for about 10 minutes from our Airbnb room and arrived at this building where you can find the Bong Brothers Cafe up on the 2nd floor. This was such a nice trip! I didn’t have to ride the bus or the subway, and Emma didn’t get us lost!

This dog cafe (like others) has a smart two-door system to keep us canines safe! My mom pressed a button to make a sliding door open and we walked through, then the door slid closed behind us. Next, my mom pushed open a second door, and we were greeted by two kind looking staff members (and about 5 or six smaller dogs like me) who showed us over to a table and asked my mom to take my leash off. Oh, hehe, they also asked her if I was spayed… yep. To be allowed to hang out at the cafe, my mom only needed to buy one drink. However it was lunchtime, and she thought the Fried Dumplings on the menu sounded tasty. So, she got those and a green tea latte (geez she’s so addicted to green tea).

So, I’m gonna be honest, at first, I was a bit confused and scared. I mean, I’d been a bit cooped up my first couple weeks here and my usual play pals are back in America. So, I think I got a bit overwhelmed and just wanted to stick close to my mommy and protect her. I wasn’t sure what I was supposed to be doing there either? Was I supposed to just sit and watch my mom eat? Was I allowed to hop off the booth bench and make some playmates? I also wanted to try my paw at getting a piece of one of those dumplings…nope. One of the staff members spoke to my mom about me and assured my mom that after a while, I wouldn’t be so afraid and worried.

This friendly staff member was right! After about an hour of my mom putting me on the floor and telling me to go see the other dogs, I finally started to slowly widen my radius. Yet, I still needed to run back to my mom’s lap after about 30 seconds. Some more time passed, and my mom stopped watching me and played on her phone after putting me on the floor. I realized how relaxed she was, so maybe there was no reason for me to be uptight. Another staff member came by while with a little brown, curly, poodle-y looking pup as I was standing out in front of mom’s table. He knelt and gave me a great massage and played with me while also playing with the little brown puppy. Then he walked away and left me with the pooch who would be my new canine friend and playmate! We had a wonderful time~! The staff member who had assured my mom in the beginning, came over to watch us play by my mom’s table and talk to my mom a bit more about us. Gotta say we looked pretty adorable! My mom even filmed my progress! Watch me come out of my shell below~

We hung out and played at the cafe for about 3 hours! My mom decided it was time to walk back home before the weather got hotter outside. She picked out this awesome strawberry rope toy for me as a souvenir for my being so amazingly me. I might’ve already gotten the squeaker and stuffing out of it, but it’s my new favorite toy (see me posing with it below hehe).

I hope we can go to more of these dog cafe places in the future! Mom says we might go to another one called “Bulldozer”. Hmm, I wonder what a bulldozer has to do with us dogs? Oh well. Stay tuned for more mine and my mom’s adventures~!

So tired. But must keep playing~!

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