A Quick, Late-Afternoon Trip to Visit Hotel Cappuccino’s Dog-Friendly Caffe While Supporting Charity!

My mom just really can’t stay in one place for long! Today is Thursday, June 11th, and we are going to be moving to our second Airbnb soon. My mom was supposed to start packing this afternoon, but she decided to take me for a quick five-minute walk to another dog-friendly place in Seoul called Caffe Cappuccino. Now, this is not a full-on dog cafe so humans don’t expect to be able to let your pups run around with others off-leash. Caffe Cappuccino is located inside Hotel Cappuccino and features a fenced-in outdoor patio area where dogs are allowed to hang out with their humans and can even enjoy a dog-friendly treat or drink. Hotel Cappuccino also features special hotel rooms called Bark Rooms just for humans and their dogs. Check it out here– the doggy amenities are pretty cool, right? What’s even cooler is that Hotel Cappuccino regularly donates partial proceeds from dog-related purchases at their establishments to KARA (Korea Animal Rights Advocates). KARA is an animal advocate charity that aids abandoned dogs in Korea and is also playing a role in the gradual shutting down of dog meat farms and markets here. By the way, they have an adoption cafe located here in Seoul in the Mapo district! Check out their Facebook page here too! So this is another reason why my mom wanted to make a quick trip to this cafe with me.

As you can see below, the patio is quaint but very cozy and I drank fancy too! While my mom sipped her iced caramel latte, I sipped some charity supporting Doctor K’s Pet Milk! It was really tasty! I licked it all up- see? And it is lactose-free and nutrient-rich, so it didn’t bother my tummy!

After relaxing at Caffe Cappuccino for almost an hour, my mom decided she was craving an Italian BMT from Subway for dinner. She also decided to film some more clips of us walking through the city on our way to Subway and back to our Airbnb. Seriously- does anyone know why humans do all this camera stuff? The roads were so congested! Here, (at least in Gangnam district) rush hour seems to start around 3:30! These walking clips were filmed around 4:30 pm. Anyways, take a look and listen to our late afternoon/early evening walk below, and stay tuned for more doggy fun~!

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