A Morning Stroll Through Dosan Neighborhood Park

On Tuesday, June 9th, the weather forecast was predicting quite a hot day at 93 degrees Fahrenheit. So, we set out a bit earlier around 9 am towards Dosan Neighborhood Park located in Sinsa Neighborhood in the Gangnam district of Seoul. It was a fairly simple bus ride taking us only about 25 minutes, so we arrived around 9:30 am- the temperature was still very comfortable. This park was the smallest we had been to so far together (we actually walked around its perimeter twice) but it was still adequate for a long and enjoyable walk with my Nabi. If I were planning to settle in Gangnam, this park would probably be on my list of frequents.

For some background, Dosan Park was established in 1973 in honor of, An Chang Ho, a legendary independence activist. The name of the park takes after the An Chang Ho’s pen name, “Dosan”. He is one of Korea’s most well-known and remembered patriots. This park also houses a museum which commemorates and educates about his achievements and legacy. Below, is a photo of his statue at the park and an information board which I am hoping you will be able to read if you’d like!

Now let’s finish out with another lap around the perimeter! As with many of the smaller neighborhood parks in Seoul, there was plenty of work out equipment and several pavilion seating areas and benches well placed throughout the park. As you can see and hear in the clips below, this park was quite charming to take a morning stroll through. Enjoy~

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