Let’s Meet a Friend at Gwanggyo Lake Park~!

On Friday, June 5th, Nabi and I met a friend whom I initially met on an international pen pal app called “HelloTalk”. It is a great app! If you are looking to make friends with people around the world while learning and practicing languages, I highly recommend it. Anywho, I initially met this friend back in early 2018. We finally met over 2 years later! We were so excited. 🙂 My friend, Hyeon Jeong, works at a children’s daycare center and is super sweet and Nabi and I both had a wonderful time hanging out, eating chicken, and exploring Gwanggyo Lake with her. We might’ve gotten lost fighting our way out of the park momentarily but that just made the outing so much more fun. Hehe, it’s nice when you have someone to laugh and joke around with when you’re lost.

Gwanggyo Lake park is located in Suwon City, in the Gyeonggi-do Province. It took Nabi and me about an hour away by subway. We met at Sanghyeon Subway Station which is located no more than maybe 10 minutes away from the park on foot. This was Nabi’s very first time riding a subway! She made me proud again. Here’s some footage I took on the way to the park~

^_- Below are some photos and clips both Hyeon Jeong and I took of the lovely Gwanggyo Lake park. This park also proved to be much bigger than I was expecting! There were also many many dogs being walked here. Nabi made a couple of canine friends too!

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