Yangjae Stream Park

On Wednesday June 3rd, my 14 day quarantine here in Gangnam district Seoul ended! I am now free to leave the airbnb we are staying at and, more importantly, I am free to get Nabi out for some well needed walks and sightseeing. So, on Wednesday shortly after getting back from my Covid-19 testing at the Public Health Center, (I found out I tested negative by the way~) I popped Nabi into the little messenger carrying bag I have for her and we headed outside! You can tell in the clips below Nabi was quite excited to see her leash and harness and to here the word “outside”. We road bus to 441 from Gangnam Station for about 15 minutes a stop in Yangjae-dong (-dong here kinda means neighborhood) called Education Development Institute Entrance. From there, we walk for a bit short of ten minutes and arrived at this huge and long park called Yangjae Stream Park. See the photo below to see just how long this park stretches as it hugs both sides of Yangjae Stream. ***Special note! If you are also a dog parent planning on coming to Seoul, I just found out yesterday that it is actually illegal to ride public transportation with your dog’s head exposed. In other words, my messenger bag carrier should not have been allowed on Wednesday- we just got lucky. Dogs (and most likely any pet) must be completely enclosed in a carrier. From now on, that’s how we’ll be traveling together!

Here’s a bunch on video clips and photos we took together at the park! As you can see this park is extremely long. What was also really interesting was that there were three tiered levels of walking trails, and park official have posted tons of signage throughout all three of the main trails directing walkers and bikers on which way they need to go to avoid contact with strangers. Also there was a plentiful supply of hand sanitizer filled bottles hanging on railings of walkways. There’s lots of stuff for you to see below. Enjoy~!

Seriously, this park was A LOT longer than I thought it was gonna be. Phew! We walked for hours and still didn’t walk all of it!

So, if you read Nabi’s first blog post entitled “How I Came To Korea With My Human”, you’ll see she noted that I get lost quite easily. Yea, I will admit I do not have the sharpest navigational skills- but I’m getting better. Really! Anywho, this time she proved her words were right because I got us lost coming back (just a little bit). Long story kinda short, we ended up getting back on the same bus 441 going in the same direction we came. Sooo obviously, we went further away from our airbnb and actually rode the bus out of Seoul and into the outskirts of Gwacheon city in the Gyeonggi-do province which circles around the outside of Seoul. I believe we have guardian spirits all around us showing themselves through different people, animals, etc. Luckily, we happened to get help from one on this day too. When I noticed the sign for Gwacheon City and realized we were going in the wrong direction, I asked two middle-aged woman on the bus for some assistance and one woman got off with us at the next stop. She guided us over to an elevator that goes up and over to the other side of the highway so that we could get to the bus stop where there were buses going in the correct direction back towards Gangnam, Seoul.

Phew~! So! Here we are at the bus stop on the side of a highway just outside of Seoul. We still made it back around 5:30 pm though. As soon as we got back, I wiped Nabi down with some doggy bathing wipes as I have been doing out of precaution each time she is out in public. I also disinfected her harness and leash. After that, as you can see, Nabi enjoyed one of her favorite pass-times. Watching TV. Also in this clip montage I show off how wonderful my Nabi has been doing on public transportation here. Hehe sorry. Proud mama’s gotta preach. ^_-

The date today is June 6th 2020, so I’m a bit behind with posting I’ll try to catch up soon! Yesterday, June 5th, we finally met a girl friend penpal whom I spoke with consistently for 2 years! She guided us to and around Gwanggyo Lake Park which is considered to be in Suwon City outside of Seoul in Gyeonggi Province (Gyeonggi-do). Later tonight, we will be meeting another good friend whom I’ve been chatting with since this past October and will probably head over to one of the Han River Parks with his canine companion, Mango. I’ll be posting about it all soon~!

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